Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel: A Novel PDF

Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel: A Novel

Len: 46
Author: Sara Farizan
Number of pages: 320
Date Published: 2015-10-06

At Armstead Academy, everyone knows everything about everyone. Well, everyone thinks they know everything . . . Leila has made it most of the way through Armstead Academy without having a crush on any ...

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The End of Our Story PDF

The End of Our Story

Len: 20
Author: Meg Haston
Number of pages: 288
Date Published: 2017-04-04

Every love story has a breaking point... From the author of Paperweight comes the star-crossed romance of two high school friends in a tale rife with deeply buried secrets and shocking revelations.BEF ...

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How to Make a Wish PDF

How to Make a Wish

Len: 18
Author: Ashley Herring Blake
Number of pages: 336
Date Published: 2017-05-02

Grace, tough and wise, has nearly given up on wishes, thanks to a childhood spent with her unpredictable, larger-than-life mother. But this summer, Grace meets Eva, a girl who believes in dreams, desp ...

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The House You Pass On the Way PDF

The House You Pass On the Way

Len: 29
Author: Jacqueline Woodson
Number of pages: 160
Date Published: 2010-11-11

A lyrical coming-of-age story from a three-time Newbery Honor winning authorThirteen-year-old Staggerlee used to be called Evangeline, but she took on a fiercer name. She's always been different--set ...

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The Dark Wife PDF

The Dark Wife

Len: 13
Author: Sarah Diemer
Number of pages: 256
Date Published: 2011-05-12

Three thousand years ago, a god told a lie. Now, only a goddess can tell the truth. Persephone has everything a daughter of Zeus could want--except for freedom. She lives on the green earth with he ...

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The Edge of the Abyss PDF

The Edge of the Abyss

Len: 21
Author: Emily Skrutskie
Number of pages: 296
Date Published: 2017-04-18

Three weeks have passed since Cassandra Leung pledged her allegiance to ruthless pirate-queen Santa Elena and set free Bao, the sea monster Reckoner she'd been forced to train. The days as a pirate tr ...

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Inkmistress PDF


Len: 11
Author: Audrey Coulthurst
Number of pages: 400
Date Published: 2018-03-06

A sweeping, action-packed, and romantic fantasy full of dangerous magic and dark choices, perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce and Kristin Cashore—set in the same world as Of Fire and Stars. Asra is a ...

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Perfect Ten PDF

Perfect Ten

Len: 11
Author: L. Philips
Number of pages: 352
Date Published: 2017-06-06

"A sweet summer read about a boy looking for love and the lengths he will go to to find it." —Teen Vogue   It’s been two years since Sam broke up with the only other eligible gay guy in his high ...

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The Battle of Iron Gulch (The Town of Superstition) PDF

The Battle of Iron Gulch (The Town of Superstition)

Len: 51
Author: R. G. Thomas
Number of pages: 230
Date Published: 2017-01-05

Sequel to The Well of Tears The Town of Superstition: Book Three Thaddeus Cane has finally reached the foot of Wraith Mountain. He hopes to find his mother—changed into a dragon by the witch Isador ...

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27 Hours (The Nightside Saga) PDF

27 Hours (The Nightside Saga)

Len: 29
Author: Tristina Wright
Number of pages: 400
Date Published: 2017-10-03

Rumor Mora fears two things: hellhounds too strong for him to kill, and failure. Jude Welton has two dreams: for humans to stop killing monsters, and for his strange abilities to vanish. But in no rea ...

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