An Introduction to Scholarship in Music PDF

An Introduction to Scholarship in Music
Author: Cornelia Yarbrough
Date Published: Sep 26, 2017
Format File: PDF, ebook, Kindle

Today's graduate music students must read and understand a variety of research methods. New disciplines for the musician, such as voice science and other methodologies, demand interdisciplinary research skills and understanding of key concepts. The objective of this book is to introduce graduate music students to the diverse methodologies of research in music including information on basic research materials and aids, procedures for gaining bibliographical control of research topics, and suggestions regarding the use of various information sources. The book also includes chapters to establish a foundation for the understanding of historical, philosophical, ethnomusicological, experimental, and behavioral research methodologies. Above all, there is an emphasis on doing research-research applications are outlined to provide experiences in completing projects using the techniques of a particular methodology. This emphasis comprises the basic premise of the book in aiding graduate students to an understanding of the many aspects of music-related research. Appendices in the book include annotated general and music-related bibliographies, a comprehensive list of music and related serials, an outline of library classification systems, and a subject/author index.