Where is my mind? PDF

Where is my mind?: Escape from your comfortably numb life

Escape from your comfortably numb life

Author: Kenta Nagakura
Date Published: Jul 24, 2017
Format File: PDF, ebook, Kindle

Kenta Nagakura, a well-known bestseller producer in Japan, sounds an alarm.

A developed, rich country like Japan or the United States is an optimum environment for living creatures.

That’s why we can’t help thinking ...

“I want to achieve goals,”
“I want to have dreams,”
“I want to be happy,”
“I want to go higher,”

despite that we are already living in abundance and should already be happy.

In this way, many become anxious towards the future, many are already dead without any particular reason.
They then gradually waste their life.

If you feel you are one of them, this is a book for you to take back your life.

Chapter 1We are all dead
Where is my mind?
Without any particular reason, you are dead!
Dead men have no anxiety
We are overused by our brains
Chapter 2We are all slaves
Dream is slavery
To Do list is bullshit!
Worldly wise person is an elite slave
Begin with denying everything!
Don’t be slave to the clock
Slavery is inheritable
Chapter 3We are all money mad
Money is created by the devil
Why saving money is the most stupid thing to do
This world consists of valueless things
Context rather than content
I and Trump are both fake bad guys
Chapter 4We are all brainwashed
Your life is taken over this way
Theme park America
The country where game guides are sold well
We don’t need goals
There is no such thing as Karma
Chapter 5We must be shit
Illegal drug called effort
If you become shit, you will not be a slave
Be shit from top to tail, be shit consciously
You cannot change your nature
Chapter 6We are NOT slaves
To calm down is to be stupid
Nobody is confident
Significance of Your Existence
Lose or grow instead of win or lose
Think who are you with rather than what to do
Give-give-give changes the world!

[About the Author]

KENTA NAGAKURA is an author, publisher, and producer. Based in Tokyo and San Francisco, he actively engages in various businesses and activities with the concept “Self-publishing changes your life, changes the world!” Books he produced sold more than 11 million copies in total. He himself wrote 29 books, including Aim for the Superior Second Class and Parents Are 100 Percent Wrong.